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Melt CBD Lotion
Melt is a groundbreaking CBD relief lotion that provides instant relief powered by Amplifi Nanotechnology. We were over topicals based on coconut oil, so we produced a Melt with a more advanced formulation designed for immediate absorption of CBD.

The Science: Creams based on oil are most of the CBD lotion formulas on the market. Since our infusion of CBD is water-based and not an oil, for an absorbable base, we start our formula with organic aloe juice. We then combine over 20 essential oils that are known to help the body. It will not leave any greasy residues as Melt glides on, and will absorb right into the skin dermis and into the bloodstream.

How it Works: Our Melt CBD cream starts with organic aloe juice making it a water-based topical lotion. It glides comfortably on your skin and is instantly absorbed.

Nanoparticles can bind much faster with the endocannabinoid system than standard CBD oils.

Give it a try: We guarantee that you'll want your Melt CBD body lotion on you at all times! Hold one in your wallet, your bed, and the toilet, so you're never lacking the relief you need.

The Kush Queen Promise: this meal is proudly 100% vegan and made with 87% certified organic ingredients and all of our ingredients have been picked with the finest skin in mind.

Dose: 200mg CBD per bottle – 16 oz bottle, 800mg CBD per bottle – 16 oz bottle

Lab Tested: We supply our hemp-derived CBD directly from our partner farm situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We monitor our CBD through a 3rd party laboratory to ensure that your safety is free of pesticides and heavy metals. Each final product is a 3rd party laboratory checked for potency and protection. Visit our research lab website for your convenience.

Zero THC Guarantee: Kush Queen Melt Relief Lotion comes with a Zero THC warranty. Crafted with Hemp CBD Isolate from the USA. Read more about our Hemp CBD procurement and activities here.

Proprietary Nanotechnology: Before we infuse our sample with our laboratory validated CBD, we use a proprietary Nanotechnology application that makes our CBD water-compatible and fully absorbable. This means that our CBD particle size is 2000x smaller than the pores.

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